Covid -19 information for The Healing Room, Shoreham By Sea.


As a therapist with over twenty years of experience working the coronavirus known as Covid-19 has raised some interesting elements.

In a time when people are in most need of touch is the time when it is seen as the most dangerous. When people are dealing with the worries of not seeing families, the fear of losing their jobs, homes and the unseen killer virus lurking has heightened emotions and fears and as a therapist I have felt powerless to help in the ways I know best, by touch. I am now back at work and once more doing the job I love. My responsibility remains to conduct my treatments in the safest way possible, both to aid in not transmitting the virus but also to alay any fears a client may have in coming to see me.

As a member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists I follow both their and the government guidelines and advice.  I have been meticulous in going through the various elements that I feel will enable people to feel as safe as possible coming to see me as well as for me to know that I am as safe as possible to protect myself and my loved ones.

For some people it has been a case of as soon as I was open they wanted to come back to see me, for others the caution and fear that we have all lived under is still present and they are worried about the risk. If you have concerns and wonder about the risks then I hope I can put you at ease.

It is my hope to make my work place as safe for everyone who enters it regardless of age, gender or race.

Risk assessment for The Healing Room, Shoreham By Sea.

I have received two vaccination of Astrazeneca and a booster of  the Pfizer vaccine. 

For me to be able to work and help as many people as possible there has to be a transparency when it comes to keeping us all safe. First and foremost only come and see me if you are feeling well. If you have been to see me before you know that I do my best to text the morning of the treatment to remind you of the time. I will also be using this opportunity to check if you’re ok. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of Covid -19 ( raised temperature, cough, fatigue, loss of taste and or smell) or you have been in contact with anyone who has since come down with symptoms or you feel that you may have put yourself into a difficult situation where you may be at more risk then I will ask that we rearrange our appointment. I will also do the same. If for any reason I feel that I may not be 100% then I will ask to rearrange. Obviously I am keen to come back to work so I would rather not get ill or have to self isolate and cancel clients, however I am not prepared to take any chances with yours or my health.

Hand washing and sanitising are still the best forms of eradicating Covid -19.

There have been a few changes

                  I like using cushions to make the client comfortable. I've now made the face and under arm cushions out of medical grade plastic which can be wiped down with sanitiser after each treatment and they are covered with cotton cushion covers which are washed after each client and also a layer of paper. The under blanket which is the added layer between the couch and the client has also been changed to a modified medical grade duvet which can be wiped down easily and is warmer to the body than just a sheet over the couch. We then have the bed cover, followed by the bed sheet and then a layer of paper.  The bed is stripped after each client. Everything is placed in a plastic bag and washed at 60 degrees.


                The front entrance door is sanitised before and after each client.

                 Door to The Healing Room is sanitised between each client but I am happy to open it for you.

                 I will ask that we sanitise once you come into the room, both rooms have sinks in them to wash your hands and I have paper towels to wipe our hands with. 
                 My work clothes are changed and the room is stripped and washed down between each client.