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 I trained as a Holistic Therapist in 1999 at Northbrook College in Worthing and  I'm qualified in Reflexology, Swedish & Aromatherapy Massage, Aromatherapy and as a Reiki Master. By the time I had finished the course I had a client base and I spent the next seventeen years working from home as a therapist and raising my sons on Shoreham Beach.

I have worked at Hollytree Healing Centre in Barns Green, just outside Horsham in West Sussex for the past four years and completed my Reiki Master Teaching with Sue Fishbourne and with Sue as my teacher I am qualified to teach Reiki and Violet Flame workshops.  I am also a member of The Federation Of Holistic Therapists.

In the beginning of 2020 I  started working as a volunteer Holistic Therapist at Martlets Hospice, Hove, East Sussex working with palliative care and trying to help where possible. Working at Hollytree, Martlets and also resettling my private practice in a new space for the second time in two years was exciting and came about six weeks before covid -19 struck and we went into lockdown.

I often wonder how we will look back on this time and for me it gave me some much needed rest as I had also moved house twice in the past two years and had some personal changes of divorce and falling in love again. One thing that it did not change was my commitment to my work. I enjoy helping people find a balance in their lives and using my knowledge and some expertise to assist them in the never ending changes which we all find ourselves in.

It has taken me over twenty years to sort out my website, much to the exasperation of many! I hope that I can put as much information on here as possible and can be used as a reference point for some who may need it and also for those wondering what it is I do that I can make it as straight forwards as possible.

I was born in Geelong, Australia to English parents who had emigrated as £10 Poms. We came back to England when I was three years old and settled in Shoreham By Sea. I lived in Portugal for four years as a teenager and then travelled and lived in Spain, France and America before settling once more in Shoreham By Sea. My two sons are now grown up and living independently but close to where I share my home with my partner.

Louisa Cook