Reiki Treatment

I have been a Reiki Master for over twenty two years and a teacher for over five years. To be a Reiki Master doesn’t mean I am a Master of anything, only that it is a level I have been attuned to and is seen as the highest in Reiki. I try and live my life by the Reiki ideals. There will be more information on upcoming courses once Covid -19 isn’t a defining factor.

The 5 reiki principles, and how to incorporate them into your life

  • Just for today, do not worry. ...

  • Just for today, do not anger. ...

  • Just for today, be humble. ...

  • Just for today, be honest. ...

  • Just for today, be compassionate toward yourself and others. ...

  • Just for today, I will earn my living honestly.


To explain some of the elements of Reiki I have put together some Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Reiki?

  • Reiki is a healing technique. It works on the principle that a practioner has been attuned to the energy of Reiki and they can pass on that energy through their hands to enable a sense of well being and relaxation to the client.

  • It is not a religion, cult, or doctrine.

  • It is different to spiritual healing in that it is not the practitioner’s energy but instead comes from Universal Energy and the practioner is a conduit for it to be passed through to the client. At the end of a treatment I may find that I am tired from working/talking and concentrating but I am not energetically exhausted as I have also been topped up with Reiki energy.

  • Reiki has become widespread in the West since it was brought over from Japan. Although its origins are unclear, Dr Mikao Usui is the most known teacher through one of his student Hawayo Takata bringing his teachings to the West and it being known as Reiki. There are other schools of Reiki but I work with what’s known as Usui Reiki.

What can I expect Reiki to help me with?

  • I use Reiki with all my treatments, it adds to any treatment and enables me to work with  an added energetic level and enhance my work. Some people may notice my hands are warm through the massage, or added information comes through Reflexology treatment. It’s an added bonus. Reiki does not make any claims other than to help with relaxation and a space to find calmness. I have found that it can be a wonderful treatment for people who either can’t have or don’t like massage, or Reflexology isn’t suitable. It stands as a wonderful treatment in its own right.

  • Reiki works through the chakra system which is energetic portals known mainly in 7 places but there are many hundreds of them on the body.

  • Each chakra has its own vibration and works with its own set of colours, sounds, organs and emotional elements.

What happens in a Reiki session?

  • As in all the treatments we will go through a consultation. I can answer any questions or worries that you may have. A Reiki treatment can last for either half an hour or an hour and the cost relates to this. Half an hour consists of one side of the body being worked on, this can be with the client lying either on their back or their front. An hour consists of first lying on your back and then turning over onto your front for the back of your body to be worked on. 

  • Reiki is a hands on and off the body. It may be questioned how a treatment can work if the client is not being touched but I work through the aura which is the invisible energetic field which surrounds all of us individually. Reiki comes through my hands in the form of heat and can pass through the aura to the body. If it can be understood that we are all energy and there is more than we can see it makes it easier to understand but you don’t have to believe it just be open to the experience.

  • The most important thing as in all treatments is to find a comfortable position. Reiki is a clothes on treatment so please wear something comfortable. Jewelry is preferably taken off before the treatment. Cushions/ pillows and blankets are used to help find a comfortable position and temperature.

  • Starting at the top of the bed where your head is I will sit behind you and place my hands over and sometimes on the crown of the head. Moving over your brow, eyes, ears and face ( with my hands off the body but working within the aura) and down to your throat. I will also place my hands on your shoulders. I then move to a standing position to work over the chakras of your torso. As it is clear on the chart above the chakras relate to areas which I don’t feel are comfortable to necessarily work on the body. Breast and genital area in particular. Sometimes it is appropriate to place hands on the stomach or side but I work predominately off the body from the shoulders to the base of the body. I will find your hand underneath the blanket and ( as long as we have already checked you are happy for me to hold your hand)  the hand and shoulder are held, also the elbow. I then walk over to the other side of the bed and do the same with the other hand/ shoulder/ elbow. From this position I now work with hands-on the body, placing my hands systematically going down the body on the hips, then thighs, then knees, then shins to the ankles until I reach the foot of the bed and your feet. I place my hands on the soles of your feet. If this is a half an hour treatment this will be the end of the session. If you are having an hour’s treatment I will leave my chair and join you at the head of the bed and gently place my hand on your shoulder where you will turn over. It can take a little readjusting to find a comfortable position and to check you are still warm enough.

  • On the back of the body I work hands on, your crown / top of your head, back of your head, neck, shoulders, heart, solar plexus, sacral and my hands will work off or hover over your base chakra which can be found between your legs. I wont be holding your hand but will move on in the same sequence as the front of your body from the hips down to the  ankles and sit in the chair as I place my hands on the soles of your feet.

What should I be doing whilst this is all going on?

  • Relax, listen to the music, ideally close your eyes and just be.

What will I feel?

  • Some people feel nothing on their first treatment.

  • Some people find that every Reiki session is different depending what they came to see me for. As my hands move to different chakras which hold and store emotions, pain, colours, sounds and thought patterns there can be colours, sounds, thoughts and emotions released.

  • Some people see colours, hear sounds, some cry, some may have a feeling of coldness, a past memory, a sense of release.

  • Most if not all feel warmth from my hands which may be more intense in different places. If there is physical pain to be worked on Reiki can help aid pain management and the heat can feel lovely on the place of pain.

What are you actually doing whilst you’re working?

  • The way I work is to find a harmony within the energetic system of the clients body. Each chakra spins and vibrates at a level which is pretty much as individual as the individual. When I am working within Reiki I am allowing the Universal Energy to pass through me and into the client. I may pick up any disharmony or imbalance and I will try and help a balance to occur. I may be aware of colours, sounds, that relate to the client. I may find that I want to tell the client something afterwards, like a crystal may be helpful to them, that they need to be creative, sing, dance, write. Finding balance means also finding Joy, happiness and a sense of purpose.


I have worked for over twenty years, I listen to the client through the consultation process and relate to how their body feels energetically. When you are working with Reiki it is a privilege and intensely private and sacred. To work in the world that I do is a gift and I am honored to do so.


Duo treatments
I started doing Duo treatments for clients who couldn’t decide what it was that they wanted that day. Which therapy suited them on that day. They needed a massage but they really wanted some Reiki as well or did they want Reflexology.. I found the benefits that the Duo clients  experienced made it an important part of my work. 

If you haven’t already I would recommend you read the information about the treatments that you are interested in to see if they suit you.


The combinations which I think work the best are but it really is up to you..

  • Reiki and Massage -  it starts with a session of Reiki with the client lying on their back. The session works down the body at the end of it the client turns over, removes their top clothes and has a back massage. This can work really well where there is a lot of tension in the back and a need to be calm and feel restored. Reiki works in allowing the client to settle into their surroundings and relax before the back massage as well as the many benefits of Reiki.

  • Reiki and Reflexology - it starts with a session of Reiki with the client lying on their back. Once I reach the bottom of the bed I then do Reflexology on the feet. This is a lovely treatment as the client has settled with the Reiki treatment and then carries on with their feet being worked on.


Please ask when booking a treatment that you wish a Duo treatment as the time is 1hour 30 minutes and up to an extra 15 minutes may be required for a consultation which is not charged for.