I am trained in Swedish and Aromatherapy massage techniques. Over the past twenty years I have developed my own style, working predominately with ready made oil blends and working to relieve the muscles, reduce tension and allow the body to relax. My massage is not deep tissue, or sports but it does work on a deep level to help the body find its natural state of balance.

To explain some of the elements of Massage I have put together frequently asked questions.

Is Massage the right treatment for me?

  • I work only on the back and shoulders.

  • Massage is a touch therapy and requires the therapist to work on the clients skin. I work on the clients back from the top of the neck to the lower part of the spine.

  • The power of touch is well documented and as well as helping with physical pain and discomfort from headaches, muscle tension, past injuries and posture problems the sense of relaxation, calm  and renewal from a massage can also aid emotional and mental issues including depression and anxiety.

  • Massage is ideal for people who may have caused injuries through gym, running, picking up small children, excessive driving, hard manual work, computer work, bad posture, age.

What can I expect from a massage treatment?

  • Initially call or email me and we can have a chat to discuss if massage is the right treatment for your problem.

  • The first treatment will involve going through a consultation sheet. This gives us time to get to know each other, run through medical history and ask any questions you may have. My consultation sheet refers to all treatments I use and therefore once done, does not need to be repeated, unless there’s other information we need to add. Covid-19 information has also been added.

  • The massage lasts 30 minutes. Please wear something comfortable, preferably something that you wouldn’t worry if any oil came off on to. Eg Leggings, shorts, gym wear, tracksuit .

  • Ideally - You will feel comfortable lying on your front, with your face through a face hole. If you’re not, don’t worry, massage can be done sitting, or lying on your side, it may take a little more time to find your comfortable position but it’s never a problem.

  • You will be required to remove the top layers from your top half. Ladies can leave their bras on to be unhooked once lying down if they feel more comfortable. A towel or sheet is placed over your lower half to protect your clothes and modesty. I have found putting small cushions under the shoulders and often under the elbows as well can aid relaxation. I also use a bolster under the feet, this tips the lower back slightly and allows the weight off the body and can help the lower back. Everyone is different and everyone finds different things comfortable, its whatever suits you. Most peoples body temperature drops within the first ten minutes. Which is why I use blankets and in winter a heated under blanket as there’s nothing worse than trying to relax with cold feet!

  • Including consultation, treatment and aftercare please allow between 45 min – 1 hour for the first treatment and around 45-50 for treatments after but everyone is different and it does depend on what we are working on that specific day, I have regular clients who are undressing as they walk into the room, answer questions as they are lying down and are leaving the Healing Room 35 minute later… it’s your time and your space I just makes sure that I have time between each client as I don’t wish to keep anyone waiting or have a client straight after another one as I often need a drink of water and a comfort break!


What can I expect after a massage?

  • After the treatment depending on the issues that you’ve come to see me with results in the homework. Obviously it is up to you what you feel you’d like to do. Whether you do as I recommend is totally up to you. My job is to help you find balance and heal as quickly as possible. The homework may be simple posture adjustments that you can add to your day. A check in which exercises you are doing at the gym/PT etc that may be aggravating the issue or adding different exercises in as well. I have some clients who do exactly what I suggest and I have others who don’t do any of it! My job is to tell you what I think will help and that’s all.

How often should I have a massage?

  • In 20 years I still struggle with this question. There’s always a time and or financial part to it. Also how badly you’ve hurt it. And what benefits you have found from massage for the problem. I work to help you get better as quickly as possible within your timeframe and budget. Ideally you will find massage helps you, you may decide to come twice weekly or once a week to get the problem under control. The main thing that I have found over the years is to find a maintenance program. All too often people have come to see me, found benefits from the massage, feel great, say they’ll be in touch only for six months later be back at square one again and we have to go through the process again.

  • Ideally – we work together initially once or twice a week, for a week or two. If we were working twice weekly we drop down to once a week, if you can still maintain being predominantly pain free we move to 10 days, then two weeks, three weeks until we find what works for you. I have clients who still come weekly,( tho I must add not for the same problem!)  as it enables them to do whatever they wish work or exercise wise for it to all be released when they see me, to clients who find a monthly massage keeps them in check. I would recommend no more than 6 weeks between treatments as a maintenance.

What can I expect to feel after a massage?

  • Often clients float out of the Healing room feeling relaxed and pain free only to be a little bit miffed when the next day they can feel a bit uncomfortable. A massage will not hurt you. The muscles may feel as if you’ve done a work out but it is because they have to find a way to stay released. It really can depend on what you came to see me for but I am always at the end of the phone so contact me if at all worried.

  • Ideally – the massage has released the muscles and tension out of the back and you will use all the information I have given you and follow your homework guidelines to help the healing process. Which may include - having a warm bath, using a hot water bottle on the area, gentle exercises specifically for the affected area, posture correction.

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