Reflexology is a touch therapy and requires the therapist to work on the clients skin. I use Reflexology on clients feet. By manipulating the reflex points relating to the area of concern enables an energetic release which can be used to clear congestion, aid the reduction in inflammation and can help relieve pain.  Reflexology can be used on specific issues or as a general treatment for a sense of calm, well being and relaxation.

To explain some of the elements of Reflexology I have put together some Frequently Asked Questions.

What is reflexology?

  • Reflexology has been used for thousands of years but came to the West in the early 20th century. Its theory is that each part of the body can be found on the foot, known as a reflex point. The foot map below gives an idea of where each part of the body can be found on the foot. There can be some confusion as some maps place organs in different areas, its not an exact science but within a treatment all areas are worked on and it can be interesting to see which part of the foot relates to different parts of the body.

What can I expect from a Reflexology treatment?

  • Initially call or email me and we can have a chat to discuss if Reflexology is the right treatment for your problem.

  • The first treatment will involve going through a consultation sheet. My consultation sheet refers to all treatments I use and therefore once done, does not need to be repeated, unless there’s other information we need to add. Covid-19 information has also been added.

  • Reflexology treatment lasts for 45 minutes, please allow an hour for the treatment from entering to leaving The Healing Room. At the initial treatment a consultation will take up to an extra 15 minutes which is not charged for but please allow for the extra time.

  • Please wear something comfortable Eg Leggings, shorts, gym wear, tracksuit although other than having your feet bare Reflexology does not require any other clothes being removed.

  • You will lie on your back on the massage table. We will find a position that you will find the most comfortable, this can be lying completely flat or slightly elevated either with the back of the bed raised or with pillows/cushions. Also with cushions under the knees. Some clients prefer to be almost in a sitting position. It is your time and your treatment so it is whatever feels the most comfortable for you and where you can feel the most relaxed to enjoy the treatment. I have some clients who talk through the treatment and others that fall asleep, most find a relaxed state of listening to the music and enjoying the treatment. The treatment involves massaging the feet plus working on the reflex points on the feet. Some points can be uncomfortable but it is not a painful treatment. Initially the feet are massaged in unison, then each foot is individually treated on the reflex points, the feet are then massaged again, I also do an aura calming technique on the legs at the end. The feet are then covered and the treatment is complete.

What can I expect after a Reflexology treatment?

  • I always recommend allowing yourself some time after a treatment . Going home afterwards and having some relaxation time allows the body to find a gentle rhythm. Depending on the problem that we are working on depends on what you may experience afterwards.

  • People can experience what’s known as a ‘healing crisis’ after a Reflexology treatment. Its not always a pleasant experience but no worse than a detox where toxins are cleared out. Some people never suffer from it, some mildly and usually it is only once. It can happen after the first treatment or not until after a few.

What is a ‘Healing Crisis’?

  • You may feel like you have cold or flu symptoms including a nasal discharge, a headache, sneezing, or coughing up mucus. This can be where a sinus or lung congestion is clearing. You may also experience strange dreams, emotional flashbacks and changes in emotions, more bowel movements and or fatigue. Although difficult to see it as a positive thing and not particularly pleasant to go through it always seems to signal a change within the body for the client. The body finding balance by throwing off excess toxins, outworn emotional responses and often resting to allow a rebalance. A good rule of thumb is anything that you experience in the first 24-48 hours after a treatment can be attributed to the treatment, after that it is unlikely to be part of it. A healing crisis will come on quickly and pass as quickly. Your feet may also feel more sensitive and tingly after a session, which is rarely unpleasant and instead feels like they’ve been cared and pampered for.

Rest, drink plenty of water and take care of yourself enables the body to heal.

Is Reflexology the right treatment for me?

  • If you suffer with Diabetes, thyroid issues, high blood pressure, cancer or are in the first three months of pregnancy and have not had Reflexology previously you must consider that Reflexology may not be appropriate for you. There is evidence to show that Reflexology can be detrimental with some medication and disease. If in doubt please ask.

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