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Massage - 45 minutes £30

Reflexology - 1 hour - £45 /  1 hour 30mins - £65
Reiki - 1 hour £45 / 1 hour 30 mins £65


Duo treatments  a mix of either -

Massage and Reiki - 1 hour 30mins  - £65

Reiki and Reflexology - 1 hour 30 mins - £65

Vouchers are also available as Gifts they can be either for a price or a specific treatment.

Duo treatments
I started doing Duo treatments for clients who couldn’t decide what it was that they wanted that day. Which therapy suited them on that day. They needed a massage but they really wanted some Reiki as well or did they want Reflexology.. I found the benefits that the Duo clients  experienced made it an important part of my work. 

If you haven’t already I would recommend you read the information about the treatments that you are interested in to see if they suit you.


The combinations which work are:

  • Reiki and Massage -  it starts with a session of Reiki with the client lying on their back. The session works down the body at the end of it the client turns over, removes their top clothes and has a back massage. This can work really well where there is a lot of tension in the back and a need to be calm and feel restored. Reiki works in allowing the client to settle into their surroundings and relax before the back massage as well as the many benefits of Reiki.

  • Reiki and Reflexology - it starts with a session of Reiki with the client lying on their back. Once I reach the bottom of the bed I then do Reflexology on the feet. This is a lovely treatment as the client has settled with the Reiki treatment and then carries on with their feet being worked on.


Please ask when booking a treatment that you wish a Duo treatment as the time is 1hour 30 minutes and up to an extra 15 minutes may be required for a consultation which is not charged for.