Affirmations are a way of repeating a sentence that alters the mind from a state of negativity to positivity. It can be used to alter your perception and therefore your reality.

It is easy to disconnect from yourself. We are bombarded with images of more. More beauty. More youth. More money. More fitness. More accomplishments. More that everyone else has and that can make anyone feel low on self esteem.

No one is perfect,

You have qualities that are unique and perfect for you. You have other bits of you that may not be what you'd like. If you had a chance to choose all that you'd like for this lifetime you may wish that you were taller. Spoke five languages. Had the perfect body. Long hair. High cheekbones. A PhD. Marriage. Children. Travelled the world. Thin ankles. A trust fund. A sense of humour. Oh the list is endless and the truth is even if you had all of those things you still may not like your nose....

So is there an age where we get comfortable in our own skin? Is it the love of one other person who thinks we are pretty perfect and our imperfections they tolerate or is it that we have to be comfortable with ourselves. Know that we are enough. That we are worthy. That everything, regardless of cellulite on our thighs is ours for the taking and only if we choose not to go for it, is the only reason that we don't have it.

I remember my sons both reaching an age where they realised that they weren't going to be the youngest football player to ever play for the England squad. That my friend wasn't going to be on the cover of Vogue. Or a model either. I think we all have a time when we realise that greatness isn't going to be ours. That the world doesn't know our name. That with the best will in the world we don't look like a supermodel and we aren't going to eclipse Richard Branson's achievements.

And that's ok. Because there is a huge world out there. There is enough for everyone. There are worlds upon worlds in which we can shine. And most importantly, more than anything else, of how we look or what we have achieved or where we live or who we live with is, that we like ourselves. I mean in a way that you can look in the mirror and say, yup, I like you, and I love you as well.

First things first if you're ready to see where you are with this. Stand in front of a mirror and say I love you. Look yourself straight in the eye and say those three little words. Do you flinch? Do you laugh? Can you unconditionally love yourself?

If not, why not?

Accept who you, with all your quirks and foibles. Now you may need to tidy up your diet, your exercise program, cut down on the drinking, think before you say things that potentially hurt others. You may need to get a watch so you are a better time keeper, you can see your faults and tweak them a little but ultimately you have to accept your fundamental self. Its only when you can accept and love yourself that you are in a position to allow another or others to love you. Its only when you can admire your achievements that others can see what you are capable of. Being humble is a wonderful thing but it is also recognising that you have gifts that the world needs. Its not about being prideful, arrogant or with a massive ego. The people who need to tell you how wonderful they are all the time are usually the ones that suffer the most. You don't need to suffer. Just like yourself.

So, you've stood in front of the mirror and said I love you. What's the emotion that comes up with it.





You may be quite happy with the way you look. Happy with your body. But the thought of applying for a new job, making a presentation, going for a promotion is beyond you.

Same rules apply.

Physical, emotional and spiritual - you can do anything you set your mind to. The only thing you can't change is time. You can't return to an age that's passed. So remember that you'll never be 18 again no matter what you do. But your mind is timeless. And you only need to look at some of the achievements of people in their later years to know that just because you haven't achieved it by the age of 40 doesn't mean that you never will. The only person you really have to convince is yourself.

Some affirmations which you can repeat to yourself. Choose a specific one and add the ones which you need to help with an occasion, situation or thought process.

  • I am enough

  • I am worthy

  • I am fearless

  • I am strong

  • I am courageous

you can add more

  • I am beautiful

  • I've got this

  • I am all that I am

Work with the ones from the list that resonates. Add ones that you've heard. Or make a whole list of affirmations that you need. Keep them in the present tense and keep them positive.

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