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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Hello, welcome to the first blog for The Healing Room, Shoreham by sea.

The idea that I have for the blogs is a place to come to for a variety of reasons. It may be a mantra that I have found creates profound change. A reminder of a simple remedy which can be used to help an ailment. Posture elements. Energy changes. Looking at a specific crystal, essential oils etc. I’ll also be looking at the different treatments I use and add, through client studies, some insight into how the therapies can be of use in different situations.

I’d like not to pigeon hole the blogs into any one thing but see how it evolves. It’s a place where my clients can be reminded of some of their ‘homework’ after a session with me and hopefully anyone who doesn’t know me can get an idea of how I work and find something useful.

First and foremost I am a Holistic Therapist. I work on the whole of the person by trying to find a balance, physically, mentally and emotionally. Fundamentally I work with energy. Calming if the energy is too high and raising the energy if it is too low, ultimately finding the optimum level for the individual which brings relaxation and peace.

I will be writing as if you are a client of mine and I can write as a whole. This may be for example : trying simple things you can do at home, posture changes, using heat and or ice, mantras, exercises, colours, thoughts, questions, crystals, essential oils, flower remedies, homeopathy. I will also add how each of the treatments I work with would be of benefit to a condition should you be wondering if you wish to try one of them.

※ I don't diagnose, guess, or take the place of the medical profession.

※ I am also not an MRI machine, CT scanner or XRay machine. Therefore if you have suffered any physical injury or accident or in any doubt of an underlying condition please always consult your GP or consultant.

※ If you are on any medication always check with your pharmacist.

※ If you are diabetic, epileptic, have thyroid conditions, cancer or have had cancer treatments, pregnant, or have blood pressure you have to be extra careful.

※ If you are suffering with mental health issues you may find some of the advice I can give you will be of benefit, however, I am not a Psychologist or Psychotherapist. If you are struggling please contact someone who may be able to deal with the specifics of your needs.

I'm not going to set a specific amount of content or when I'll be writing. It may be every week, month or quarterly. I have a lot of information and ideas so I guess we'll have to just see how it goes. I would like to say that I’ve been writing lists of how it will all flow effortlessly together. I haven’t.

Well now I have told you all the things I am not and will not be doing I can get on with the fun stuff!

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