A little jar of crystals with your own Angel charm complete with the word Protected. The crystals are handpicked for each jar and infused with Reiki energy.
This little jar is for when the world is feeling a bit tough and you need to feel that you have an angel looking over you and feel protected. 


A lovely present either for yourself or a loved one.


Each crystal has many properties but these are some qualities attributed to them.


Clear Quartz - Master Healer
White Moonstone - Protection
Aura Quartz - Positivity & Peace
Rose Quartz - Self acceptance & Love
Blue Lace Agate - Balance & Freedom
Opalite - Optimism & new beginnings
Angelite - Calming & Soothing


Each jar is 5cm high (5 1/2 cm including the cork lid) and 4 cm wide. The crystals vary in size but you will receive at least one of each. The charm and words fall just above the crystals.

Put your crystal jar somewhere you can see it. 
Or you can choose an individual crystal to hold if you feel that you need to connect to an individual crystal. The beauty of crystals is that size does not make a difference to their power. 
They can be used in meditation. 
Or use in a healing session. 
You will also receive a little bag for you to put the crystals in if you feel you need to carry them with you. Remember they are quite small some of them so they can escape! Pop them back in to the jar when you're ready. 


Working with clients for over twenty years I started working with the crystals jars after lockdown when stress levels were at a all time high. They are a lovely way of them taking home a reminder not only of their session but also that they can carry on their journey wherever it takes them. I decided that the time was right for them to go out into the world. They can be bought individually or as a set. If you have any questions or would like any more information please feel free to contact me.




Angel / Protected crystal and charm inspiration jar

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  • Keep the jar of crystals somewhere you can see them. Meditate with them. Feel free to take them out of the jar and hold the crystals or carry them in your special bag to feel the power close to you.